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The Logic Remote App Deserves WAY More Hype

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

As someone who does an immense amount of live looping performances, loves producing with tactile controllers, and has been obsessed with her iPad Pro since the day she bought it, I am shocked by the fact that it took me this long to start using the Logic Remote. Let me tell you, this app is LIFE CHANGING.

Logic Remote is an iOS app that works as a wireless controller for Logic Pro. The app has been on the market for a long time, but it’s barely talked about in the music production community. I have had the app on my iPad for a really long time, but I only recently opened it when I saw someone else using it in a cafe as a drum pad MIDI controller. They had Logic open and were using it to record real-time MIDI into the piano roll directly from their iPad, no wires needed.

After looking into the app, I realized that the Logic Remote app is a lot more than just a MIDI keyboard. The app is literally a controller made to do anything and everything you could ever want or need to do in Logic. It is literally a minimalist touchscreen version of the Logic interface.

Connecting the App to Logic

The second you open Logic on your computer and the app on your iOS device, Logic asks if you want to connect to the app. Click connect and voila, you are connected. In case you have some really bad WIFI connectivity issues, you can also connect via USB or USB-C cable.

Live Looping

With the Logic Remote, you can control your live looping sessions in L 10.5 and above by triggering cells, recording into cells, and editing cell settings. One super cool feature is that you can swipe your finger(s) across multiple cells, vertically or horizontally, and cue them to trigger all at once. You can also multi-touch to trigger multiple clips at once if they are not adjacent!

Step Sequencer Control

It feels so good to use the Step Sequencer view in the Remote to easily tap to add steps into your pattern region. A quick tap on your iPad can add a new step and bring an awesome tactility to your step sequencing! You can, of course, change the velocity and subdivision of steps with the remote, as well as tons of other cool stuff.

Logic Remote Plugin Parameters

Mixer Multitouch and Automation Recording

Just like on a “real” mixing control surface, the Logic Remote allows you to adjust multiple faders in the mixer at the same time. And YES, the Logic Remote lets you record real-time automation of any parameter you can control with the touchscreen. All you have to do is change the automation mode on the track (which by the way you can do from the app) and start adjusting plugin parameters and sliders on your iOS device. Literally so cool.

Logic Remote Chords View

Chord Strips and Setting Chords

I remember this so vividly from using GarageBand on my iPhone. These chord strips are so fun, but now that I know more about music, I realize that using these chord strips can be super constricting because the default is boring old major and minor chords. You can actually change the chords that show up in the chord strips by heading to settings and setting your preferred chords. Not only is this amazing for getting the creative juices flowing, but it also rocks for quick on-the-go writing, and it records MIDI notes into your piano roll, so you can go back and edit them later.

Logic Remote Sends View

Adjusting Send Levels

Okay, so this one is also super cool. In Logic, adjusting send levels can be slightly inconvenient because there is a TINY LITTLE knob available for controlling them. However, in the Logic Remote, there is an entire window/view just for controlling send levels with normal-sized knobs. This is so cool and one of my favorite features of the application.

Logic Remote Key Commands View

Key Commands

The app also has an entire section dedicated to assigning buttons to key commands to make workflow way faster. You can customize this view and use it to quickly access different windows, even when you don't remember the key command. This window is awesome and it is a great way to use the remote. Even just leaving this view open on your device is a great way to improve workflow! These are only a few of my favorite features of the Logic Remote, but hopefully, that was enough to get you to download it for… FREE.

Logic Remote Mixer View

Try it out and see how you like it! Although touchscreens are not the same as three-dimensional controllers, there is definitely something to be said about the complete integration that this app brings to the table. It is an absolutely amazing option for both in-house and on-the-go sequencing, recording, and creating.

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