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Check It Out! | Plugin Boutique Bundles

Updated: May 11, 2021

*This post utilizes affiliate links for marketing and monetization purposes at no cost to reader*

Ok, so I was never a huge Plugin Boutique fan or anything. Normally I find myself dropping hundreds of dollars on one specific trusted manufacturer's website such as iZotope or Native Instruments. I never really leave my little brand bubble.

Then, I was randomly thinking about my early days of producing. I remember scouring the internet for free VSTs that I could use with Ableton. Man, my hard drive was a MESS.

Yeah… there was no purchasing happening there. At the time I had the version of Ableton Live Lite that came with my Akai MIDI controller and nothing more. I was like 14.

After thinking about this I realized this weird part of me missed trying out new cheap plugins and software instruments, and I thought I would check out what the bloggers of the internet had to say about cheap plugins.

This little search led me to Plugin Boutique. Sure, I had heard of the resource, but the look and feel of the website always left a bad taste in my mouth because it is pretty messy-looking (just like my 2015 plugins folder lmao). But I stumbled across a Reddit chain where people were chatting about different “bundles” they got on Plugin Boutique. I thought I would check it out.

Plugin Boutique Bundles: What Are They?

Plugin Boutique makes these really creative little groupings of different plugins, sample packs, and expansion packs and names them based on genres or other music trends. The bundles vary widely in pricing, but basically you save money because you buy a bunch of stuff at once. Now, unlike your usual “iZotope Suite Bundle,” these bundles are not always plugins from the same manufacturers. Its like getting a little music production goodie bag!

Below you can check out some examples of different bundles available at the moment and see what kinds of cool ideas Plugin boutique has come up with:

Output Exhale “Breathe Easy” Bundle

So if you haven’t heard the recent hype about Output and its really cool plugins, you better go check it out. Exhale is a pretty cool plugin which is made for warping and processing vocal samples.

Plugin Boutique Plugin Bundles Exhale by Output plugins and audio samples for music producers

This bundle comes with the full version of Exhale, one of Output’s expansion packs, a video guide by the reputable Joshua Casper on getting creative with the plugin, and a Loopmasters vocal sample pack. It’s literally a goodie bag.

Plugin Boutique shows the price of the items when purchased separately, which in this case comes to $297. Then, it shows you that purchasing the items in a bundle saves you $78 dollars at its price of $219.

I just think the idea is genius!!

Retro 80s Bundle

Now, we’ve got an example based on a genre rather than around a specific plugin or manufacturer.

Retro 80s plugin bundles from plugin boutique with audio samples

The Retro 80s bundle comes with Plugin Boutique synth engine VirtualCZ as well as Beatskillz Retro Hit, a little-known drum plugin with over 600 drum hits included. Then, you get a VirtualCZ expansion pack and an 80s-inspired Loopmasters sample pack.

They calculate that buying the items all separately would come to $195, but the bundle only costs $89.

So, there you go- two amazing examples of some really cool Plugin Boutique bundles. I recommend checking out the store for yourself! I personally can’t wait to try out and review some of these awesome packages!

Click here to check them out!

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