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Logic 10.5 ~ Is This the End of Ableton Live?

Music producers have been using Logic Pro X and Ableton Live interchangeably for the past few decades. But Logic pulled out a MASSIVE update this may with the release of Logic Pro 10.5. What is the hype all about? Well, Apple has taken some pretty big steps (and risks) with its new release, which features nearly everything which was keeping Ableton Live users from making the transition to Logic.

Ableton Live dark theme session view clips live looping
Ableton Live coming in hot with its dark skinned session view

Although there are really no perfect statistics on which DAW is used more in the music industry, Ableton and Logic are way at the top of the list, and these two DAWs each bring their own strengths to the table (or at least they did... until now), as Ableton Live's strengths lied in audio sampling abilities, audio warping, and instrument racks such as the all-loved drum rack. Logic, on the other hand, was loved for its powerful MIDI abilities, with beloved native synths such as Alchemy.

Logic's Alchemy software synthesizer engine
Alchemy, the best digi-synth EVER

Ableton also had a feature which no other DAW could compete with: its ability to be used as a live performance software (hence the name Ableton LIVE). Ableton's session view creates this incredible "spreadsheet-like" workflow which allows users to trigger audio and MIDI loops in a variety of fashions. This feature was always something that pulled me towards Ableton for my songwriting and performance needs.

But this debate completely changed with Logic 10.5, which now features an extremely powerful audio sampler as well as a live looping feature. Ableton's simpler, the ever-popular sampler which automatically analyzes audio samples for playback, is now challenged by the Logic 10.5 Sampler's "optimized" mode. Ableton's loop-triggering is challenged by the Logic 10.5 live looping tab. Ableton's step-sequencer is now outshined by Logic's new step-sequencer. Well Apple, it was about time.

Logic live looping Logic 10.5
Logic's NEW live looping feature.

But what does this mean for Ableton? Well, anyone in the music production business knows that those Ableton users are LOYAL. I use Logic more than Ableton (and even more now), but I still find myself defending Ableton with a burning passion. Ableton gets a lot of haters, but it's got its own unique workflow and some really cool features. Honestly, its more of a niche software, mostly used by electronic producers. Although Logic is competing, Ableton isn't going anywhere. Who knows, maybe they'll add some new synths and sounds to their library for those Logic lovers out there soon. Until then, Logic will be on their toes waiting for Ableton to take the next swing.

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