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Introducing Me.

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Maya Wagner, and I am a singer-songwriter from Hillsborough, NJ. I am currently getting ready to go off to college at Berklee College of Music in Boston, and I thought it would be good to start documenting some of the events of my music career. So far, 2019 has been thrilling. I have released my first EP, committed to my dream school, and booked my first paid gig at a well-known music festival, all in a few months. All of these amazing opportunities have made me want to document the adventures in my music career. Thus, here I am, posting my first blog post.

I have always, always, wanted to be a blogger. I love the blogging community, and the way that bloggers use their personal experiences and stories to inspire others. I love how each blogger has a different style, and how bloggers create mini communities based on their passions. It just makes my heart glow.

Some of my non-music interests include instagramming, being a barista (COFFEE), shopping, traveling, decorating my room, and making YouTube videos (which are mostly about music but whatever...)

My passion, however, is for making music. As a musician, something that has always been important to me is being honest about my imperfections. Being an LGBTQ woman with Tourette Syndrome, there have been many times when I have felt like I would not succeed in the music industry. Then I realized that the musicians who inspire me most are those who speak out about what they believe in and share their experiences, even if they are not "perfect." I realized that, if I own my identity, maybe I can inspire others to do so as well. Maybe I can break the stigma around mental illness, or show people that gay musicians can be successful, even when they are out. Maybe I can inspire kids with disabilities to be proud and go after what they want, no matter who is telling them they can't. I want to write music which helps me portray this message. I want to speak out about what I am passionate about, even if it is not a popular opinion.

One of my fave artist photos!

I love songwriting, producing, playing guitar, piano, and ukulele, and performing. I love sharing my music online and hearing feedback. It is truly amazing to hear that I have touched people with my art.

Anyway, I am getting all mushy, and that is TOTALLY not the goal here. This blog is meant to be a collection of stories, tips, ideas, and photos which tell my story and hopefully help some people out with all kinds of things. That said, I am totally not going to try to keep my content consistent; I have too many passions! I have to let my ideas flow however they want to.

I can't wait to start inspiring!

Stay smiling,

Maya :)

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